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A unique, new way to learn, Frinzap is the one stop shop for all your education and upskilling needs. Learn, interact and network on Frinzap through our social features available to you from the get go! Join now and make learning fun with friends.

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Here are the most frequently asked questions from other educators

Can I edit my course after I publish it?

Partly. You can edit text and selling price of the course. You can also add more sections to it. However, you cannot delete any course content, once the course is published.

Do I decide the price of my course?

Yes, you decide the MRP and percentage of discount you want to offer for your course.

Can I teach a course on any topic?

Yes, you can create and publish a course on any topic.

How will I get paid?

All payments will be made to your bank account via electronic payment method. You can add your bank details in the 'Settings' section. The first payment will be released after accumulation of Rs. 5000 in your total course sale value or post 90 days of your first sale.

Do I need to pay a fee to create a course?

No, you do not. Creating a course on Frinzap is free of cost.

Does my course have to meet any requirements?

Yes, your course must have at least one section with a minimum of one lecture in order to be published.

Can I see who views my course?

Yes, once a learner buys your course, you will get their information.

Can I create a free course?

Yes, you can create a free course by choosing discount percentage as 100% while setting the selling price for your course.

Can I change the price of my course after publishing?

You cannot change the MRP of the course, however you can adjust the selling price by changing discount percentage on your MRP once published.

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Connect and share with peers and other learners around you. Network through our social features and share your expertise and notes with fellow learners and enhance your knowledge through communication and exchange of ideas.

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Frinzap is a new way of learning. It provides the opportunity to learn and network in order to upskill and improve your life.